Protecting Those Around Us – Concealed Carry

As a mother, wife, friend, and daughter, the responsibility of PROTECTING those around me has been ingrained in me since I was young. Whether you are around the house, traveling about the city, state, or farther, I find that leaning into the “protector” role is the most natural thing I do as a woman. My need to protect did not spark recently; it has been growing for quite some time. I decided it is time to act.

When I started hunting ten years ago, handling guns was not familiar to me. It has taken many years of self-education, persistence, and patience on my husband’s part to aide me in exploring the wide range of guns that are out there, as well as what their uses are. I started with a 12 gauge like most, hunting deer and turkeys.

This Fall, I will be heading to Licking River Outfitters in Kentucky to explore the muzzleloader season, where they will be hosting veterans for free, on a Whitetail hunt. I use this as an example to share that you need not be an expert on weapons at any point. Everyone starts as a beginner, learning as they go. I have tried a fair number of guns, knowing which I prefer, and which I do not. In any case, I grow more comfortable and accustomed to their unique capabilities with each encounter.

As opportunities for hunting, work, and pleasure, find me traveling farther from home, I have found myself in more situations where I am driving or flying on my own. I love adventuring by myself, it is a great feeling of freedom to explore the world around me, but I must admit that it does leave me feeling a little vulnerable at times. If you have felt that helpless feeling, it is not right, and can be downright dangerous. If you know me, I will not sit back and be a “victim.” Instead of being afraid of what could happen if I put myself out there, I choose to educate myself and take extra steps to help as I travel about, exploring the world around me.

I had the great pleasure of attending The Village Gunsmith Conceal Carry class in September, and I will tell you there was more bang for my buck than I had expected.

FUN is not precisely what you are thinking when taking a course like this but let me attest to the fact that Janel not only made the classroom portion informative but exciting and entertaining. Thanks to her real-life examples and humor, I walked away from this day knowing the types of pistols available and their history, how the ammo works, and the basics of concealed carry law.

Thank you to the fantastic team at Village Gunsmith!

Janel, Tim, and their family do not just clock in and clock out at the shop. Their passion for family, education, and protection runs deep in their blood. From the moment I walked through the door, I felt at home. They are not just interested in selling you a weapon; they want to ensure that you are making the right selection, for the right reason, with the proper training.

A message that rang loud and clear throughout the day was that you should want to be the best you can with your weapon. After all, if you cannot quickly pull it from your holster, with confidence and accuracy, then it is not much use at all. To fire your magazine and not hit your target, or not consider other things around you is a waste of time, money, and a risk.

You need not be a professional to carry, but you should want to be as familiar with your weapon as possible, which requires time and effort. It is not enough to buy the gun, carry the holster, and purchase the license. Take time to head to the range or your local gun shop and put in the time and effort to be the best you can be, which will increase with time. You will save countless hours and dollars in the future, and you may even save a life.

Although I say we had fun, I want to instill that we should also reflect on our responsibility when holding a concealed carry license and a gun. We owe it to ourselves and those around us to be the absolute best that can with our weapons.

The learning is not over for me. There are laws to familiarize myself with, studying them regularly and keeping up to date with changes. Then there is the topic of state to state differences. Just because I now hold my conceal carry license for Wisconsin does not give me full liberty to travel around with my pistol. Many a folk have been ticketed or worse, not because they pulled their gun, but because they were not familiar with the laws of the area they live. The Village Gunsmith will educate you on finding the most up to date information from state to state.

The Village Gunsmith is a firearm and sporting goods shop in the heart of Kendall, Wisconsin, selling repairing and restoring guns and many other things. They host weekly Concealed Carry Classes for Wisconsin and Utah.

Were you feeling a little uneasy about going to a class yet? Do not fly solo; take a friend! Mel Schulz of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, joined me that day, which made me feel more at ease. We could share in the experience together and walk away with some fantastic memories and laughs along the way.

Kendall may lack in population, but it makes up for in the heart and soul at The Village Gunsmith. Hats off to Tim and Janel; you are one in a million. Thank you for your hospitality!

For all of you still teetering on whether to take a class and apply for your Concealed Carry Permit, I ask you, when faced with an intruder in your home, or in a remote location, who will protect you if YOU don’t?

Have a wonderful day!

By Angie Gade   |   Photos: Angie Gade   |    Originally published WIWF /  UniMinds Media