To purchase a Firearm from Open Season Outlet you must be 21 years old and possess a valid Drivers License or ID issued from the state of Wisconsin. Upon completion of all paperwork (DOJ Form and ATF Form 4473) and having paid for your firearm, the Wisconsin Department of Justice is contacted for your background check. When this happens the WI DOJ has 5 working days to get back to us on your background status. At that time if you are approved we finish your paperwork and contact you. If Denied, you will be refunded all your money except for a $35.00 denial charge. $25.00 is our denial fee and $10.00 is for the WI DOJ form you filled out. Either way, approved or denied, you will be given a copy of the WI DOJ form for your records. If denied you can request a document for the appeal process should you wish to do that.



Any weapon purchased out of state or online and being sent to Open Season Outlet must go through the transfer process. Each purchase must be sent with a FFL (Federal Firearms License) included with the shipment to us. In turn Open Season Outlet must send a copy of our FFL to the organization shipping the gun to us. We will need their e-mail address for this. Included with your shipment to us we request they include your name and phone number so we can notify you when it arrives at Open Season Outlet. You will then come into our store and complete the proper paperwork. Charge for the above is $25.00 for long guns (rifles & shotguns) and $35.00 for handguns.


Out of State Firearm Purchase

If you are from out of state and wish to purchase a firearm from Open Season Outlet, you will need the name of an FFL (Federal Firearms License) person in your home state. You purchase the firearm online and have them send a copy of their FFL along with your name and phone number to us, Open Season Outlet. We then send the firearm to them via ground UPS along with a copy of our FFL and documentation stating your name and phone number. You will be required to pay them whatever transfer fee they require.